Have you written memoirs?

The first chapter was easy, describing how we met and how it started.

Chapters 2 and 3 have been really tough, depicting the slow slide into the realm of an unhealthy relationship.

I don’t know how many chapters it will ultimately be. I haven’t even gotten to the really fucked up shit yet. For the first time in a long, long time I find myself crying about it.

While I write it, I’m emotionless- I’m trying to search for the right words to make you feel what I want you to feel. But then after, I read it over and it hits me- this is real. It happened. It happened to me.

How do you deal with the emotions dredged up when you write memoirs?

No, really, that’s not rhetorical, I’m asking you. What do you do about it?


Prompt me! What should my next post be about?

Prompt me.

Be suggestive.

Be evocative.

Be wily, insightful, humorous, or just be you. What do you want to see on this blog?

Following the example of one of my new favorite blogs, Writing to Survive, I want to begin writing a weekly short-ish piece based off of a randomly selected prompt. 

A prompt can be anything at all- a word, a quote, a current event, or maybe even a question. It’s useful for me because it helps expand my experience as a writer, and it appeals to my creative and slightly chaotic impulses.

I invite you, as my readers, to suggest a prompt using my Contact form, or by leaving a comment at the end of this post. I will always attribute the post to the person who prompted it, so if you need to be incentivized, then there’s publicity in it for you!