All is fair in love and Tinder.

Do you know what Tinder is? It’s an app. It’s basically speed dating in app form. You see a few pictures of a person, and decide “Yes” or “No” – that’s the gist. If you both say “Yes” then you get to chat, and that’s where the magic happens. And when I say ‘magic’ I mean the best, worst, and most unimaginably absurd aspects of the human condition get unleashed. Search the blog for other Tinder posts- they’re always a good laugh.

Alex: Hey there sweet cheeks x
Me: Hello! Now let me ask, in all seriousness, if we met at a bar would that be the first thing you’d say to me?
Alex: Meet me tonight and you’ll find out.
Me: Bold. Give me 3 good reasons and choose them wisely. 
Alex: Cock. Cock. Cock.
Me: Not one of those reasons is worth my time. But thanks for playing, bye!


One thought on “All is fair in love and Tinder.

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